Immense Dice Bags with Pockets – Capacity 150+ Dice




  • Immense Dice Bags with Pockets – Black – Capacity 150+ Dice – Great for Dice Hoarders
  • Immense Dice Bags with Pockets – Blue – Capacity 150+ Dice – Great for Dice Hoarders
  • Immense Dice Bags with Pockets – Green – Capacity 150+ Dice – Great for Dice Hoarders
  • Cardkingpro Immense Dice Bags with Pockets – Purple - Showing Dice
  • FREESTANDING IMMENSE DESIGN– No more searching! – We have hand-selected the perfect materials for this huge bag that allow it to stand freely on your table.
  • BRAND NEW FOR 2019 – IMMENSE Fits even more of your playing dices
  • NO MORE SEARCHING – Each bag has 7 stitched compartments, meaning searching to find that special D20 is a thing of the past, spend your time playing D&D not searching for dices.
  • CAPACITY – This bag can hold a Whopping 150+ dices and closes securely using the built in drawstrings which feature skull toggles, If you need a smaller bag be sure to check out other our FREESTANDING dice bags
  • AMAZING EMBROIDERY – Our bag features our KING logo, so great even the Storm King would love it, this product should make an Amazing gift for the D&D player in your life!
  • SIZE – The bag measures: Round Base 160mm (6.3in) x Round Opening 220mm (8.67in) x Height 110mm (4.3in)
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PLAYING DICE! – This is an dice bag. It does not include any dices. Please do not leave us 1-star reviews because the bag is empty important

The best dive bag I’ve owned!

As a gamer and dice collector, This bag has become a favorite quickly. Great quality and craftsmanship. From the first time I set this out on the table for a game, the other players were interested in it.

Ryan Glaze

Terrific product!

I finally got my own after a while of seeing a friend show up to games with his. I can’t believe I waited so long, this is the best dice storage bag I have ever used! Sturdy, well made, and a great conversation piece at any table!

Avery O'Brien

Love love love it!

This is perfect for any dice collection! It has six side pockets with a deep center pocket as well. I sort my dice by type and have about 10 sets of dice in just the side pockets with room to spare. I keep a set of jumbo dice in the middle and you wouldn’t even know they were in there it’s so deep. It’s freestanding like the description says and it’s made of a soft velvety/suede fabric with nice padding so I’m not worried about anything crushing the dice when I throw it in my bag. I was actually going to make my own bag like this, but to make one of this quality would be around double the cost. I don’t think I’ll max this one out but I love it so much that I will absolutely buy another one if I do!

Jocey P

Best Dice Bag On the Market!!!

Holy Moses this thing is amazing! And it’s huge… YUUUUGE! When the drawstrings are pulled, it’s a nice, neat, compact bag, and everything stays in it’s place. Opened up, all of the pockets are easily accessible. It also conveniently has 7 pockets, one for each die type, so you don’t need to dig in your bag for the right die. It also sits open nice and wide, so everything can be seen and you have quick access to what you need. The bag itself is very well made, sturdy, and it’s beautiful. The fabric is soft. And the drawstrings have really cool skulls on the end. A+++ I highly recommend this product. If you want the perfect dice bag, then this is it.

Heath Bishop


This dice bag is amazing and is absolutely perfect for someone’s with a dice obsession like me! Was a little wary on if I would like how it looked when it arrived but it was even better than the picture shows! Fabric inside and out is absolutely perfect, very soft and VERY high quality, the middle pocket is the biggest so I can even fit my mini dice bag inside! The little metal bits at the end of the drawstrings are very adorable skulls and I can’t believe how good they look! Was expecting something sub par to “get the job done” but found the absolute perfect dicebag for me! Very highly recommend to ANYONE who loves to collect many dice!

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